Andover Politics | Test Valley Borough Council Nominations AnnouncedCandidates for the upcoming Test Valley Borough Council Elections have been officially announced.

The most fiercely contested areas are Alamein, Millway and St Mary’s, all of which have 3 seats up for grabs.

The Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Ian Carr, is standing in Charlton against UKIP candidate Norman Woods and Independent Richard Kidd.

Adam Timby is standing in the Alamein Ward for the Green party, a very popular public figure on the Augusta Park Development, after having been their postman. In 2014, residents put together a petition to keep him when Royal Mail changed all of the local post rounds, but he was moved on regardless. Adam was also nominated for a Pride of Andover award in 2014.

The current Mayor, Jan Lovell, is standing in Winton ward, but is prohibited from campaigning whilst undertaking her role as Mayor at any local events.

Iris Andersen is standing for St Mary’s and, whilst she is set to be Test Valley’s new Mayor, she will not be allowed to take up the role if she is defeated in May’s elections.

Notorious local figure, Tony Hooke, is standing as an Independent in Millway, along with Steve McKellar and Alex Gillies.

Liberal Democrat Katherine Bird and Labour’s Alan Cotter are both standing for their political parties in St Mary’s, despite stating in Andover Town Council literature that they are ‘not aligned to any political party.’

UKIP have fielded fourteen candidates across the Andover area and the Green Party have put up eight.

All candidates are encouraged to send in photographs and bio’s to be published on the Andover & Villages website by emailing them to

  Conservative Labour Liberal Democrat UKIP Green Independent  


3 Seats

Alexander Brook

Phil North

Tracey Preston

Andy Fitchett

Ben Kinross

Michael Mumford

Amy Bower

Len Gates

Robin Hughes

Connor Docherty

Joshua Cussen

Adam Timby



1 Seat

      Christine Forrester   Ben Few Brown  2


2 Seats

Maureen Flood

Graham Stallard

  Josie Msonthi Tim Rolt      4

Bourne Valley

1 Seat

Peter Giddings   Linda Gates William McCabe      3

Broughton & Stockbridge

2 Seats

Peter Boulton

Daniel Busk

  Ed Treadwell     Paul Harry  4


1 Seat

Ian Carr     Norman Woods   Richard Kidd  3


1 Seat

David Drew

    Anthony McCabe      2

Harrow Way

3 Seats

Carl Borg-Neal

Karen Hamilton

Brian Page

Madeleine Fairweather   Simon Hession

Laura Marriner

Barbara Mitchell

Lance Mitchell


Kings Somborne & Michelmersh

1 Seat

Tony Ward   Sanfra Cosier Richard Scott      3


3 Seats

Zilliah Brooks

Sandra Hawke

Jim Neal

Jeffrey Davey

Christopher Ecclestone

Ross Fifield

Mo Cleary

Carol Bartholomew

Dean Marriner

Alex Gillies

Tony Hooke

Steve McKellar

Over Wallop              

Penton Bellinger

2 Seats

Phil Lashbrook

Pam Mutton

  Barbara Carpenter Barry Hodgson      4

St Marys

3 Seats

Iris Andersen

John Cockaday

David Denny

Alan Cotter

Nicole Gentleman

Alan Wright

Katherine Bird

Nigel Long

Sheryl Scott-Clarke

Daniel Emmerson

Peter Mather

Vincent McGarry

Catherine Hosen Russell Tarrant  14


3 Seats

Jan Budzynski

Jan Lovell

Chris Lynn

Adam Jones Sid Dajani Marley Spicer   Nick Thirsk  7
   25  9  14  14  8  8  


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