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Year 4 students from Balksbury Junior School visited Tesco Andover, as part of the companies initiative to educate children about where their food comes from. Sheryl, the Community Champion for the Tesco Andover Store, is keen to encourage all schools in the area to come along and learn where your food comes from. The children were accompanied by Pine Class Teacher, Mr Coombs, LSA, Miss Andrews, and Tesco employee, Rachel.

The children were given a tour of the bakery department by baker, Nelson, who showed the children the various processes the bakery staff go through to get the baked products just so. Nelson showed the children the massive ovens the goods are baked in. The favourite bit of the bakery department was the packaging and labelling machine, which expertly sealed and labelled bags of rolls for the children to see.

Nick from the fish counter did a session with the children, which was really very good and lots of interesting facts about fish were told to the children: ‘Hands up who knew that Scampi came from Langoustine?’ Nick filleted and butterflied a mackerel in front of the children who were all pretty squeamish about the inside bits!

At each stop, the children were able to taste foods from that department, including cockles, grapes and freshly baked bread.

This is a great incentive for the local children and incredibly informative too. All of the children really enjoyed the morning and were sent home with a certificate and a bag each, with lots of fresh produce and foods with Sheryl running after them, calling out, “Put a rainbow on your plates!”.

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