Pet Corner | Ten Ways To Celebrate National Dog Day 2016National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26th annually.

The day was created by pet expert, Colleen Paige. National Dog Day’s mission is to save ten thousand dogs who suffer from neglect, and to honour their sense of dedication and hard work.

National Dog Day is a time to appreciate the love and value dogs bring to our lives and a chance for us to do our bit for homeless and abused dogs. The NDD Foundation supports all breeds and varieties of dogs and discourages purchasing from unethical backyard breeders or puppy farms.

The Guide Dog Association have released 10 great ideas to celebrate National Dog Day this August:

1. Sponsor a Puppy for you or a loved one! Simply follow this link

2. Spread the word about National Dog Day by changing your Facebook profile picture to a cute picture of your special furry friend!

3. Take your dog on an extra – long walk – dogs love to explore outside and run around! Just make sure to keep your four-legged friend under control and hydrated.

4. Join a ‘Dogs Unite!’ sponsored walk – or organise your own!

5. Treat your loveable pet to a new toy

6. Dog massage! Dogs love to be petted, stroked and cuddled!

7. Make some homemade dog biscuits – follow this link

8. Take your dog to the seaside! Our pets love to visit new places; they might even fancy a swim!

9. Give your pet a special groom – grooming your pet isn’t just good for their health, they can also find it very relaxing.

10. Last but not least – arrange a get-together with fellow dog-lovers for a group picnic in your local park. Like us, dogs love to be social, so this will be a wonderful treat!

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