Ice Skating

The council-owned territory around Basingstoke which might be sufficiently large to provide a temporary ice rink for further discussions with the councillors was recognized.

Next Wednesday (19 June) a study on the work to be done on the current private-owned playground that is over 30 years old and in bad shape, will be discussed by Basedstoke and the Council Community, Environment and Partnerships Committee of Deane Borough.

New ice rink proposals were included in a New River Leisure Ltd council contract to renovate the Basingstoke Leisure Park at no government expense, provided that a rink is feasible in future. However, the planning is premature and the current arena will probably not last until a fresh one can be constructed.

Therefore, ice rink customers have tried to prepare for a provisional ice rink if the current rink fails. In order for the board to promote this step, it has investigated any property of its property.

Five parts of ground have been discovered of the present planet Ice ice rink provider, which could be used for temporary arena buildings, including Bison skating skating games. This is the Viables company center, next to the Thornycroft ring road, Down Grange Sports Complex, Brighton Hill and War Memorial Park sports center.

Local councillors and committee members at the meeting on Wednesday 19 June are urged to present their opinions before deciding which ones could further be investigated.

Cabinet Member Cllr John Izett said: “I know the dedication of the ice user group and followers of Bison and discuss their worries about the condition of ice pool repair and the danger for its future.

“We want the modern ice rink in Basingstoke in future. This is impossible with approximately £ 12 million of capital, without our extensive renovation suggestions for the Basingstoke Leisure Park. The ice rink is not a Council property but we can not use the taxpayers ‘ cash to operate a private company and operate the ice rink. It’s an significant place.

“We would like if necessary to promote Planet Ice’s suggestion to build a provisional rink. We are accessible to websites that have been searched initially. There are not so many places of properly owned property, some of which are presently being used as open spaces or sports fields, which can be endorsed by local societies and present customers for distinct uses or may not be endorsed by them.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the opinions of Ward Councilors and of board representatives so that they can decide which locations to conduct further investigations so rapidly as feasible.”

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