Takes two seconds to share; Appeal to help find missing chihuahua

A family have growing concerns about their missing chihuahua named Poppy Poppy was last seen at her family home in Chilbolton, Nr Andover, at around 4...

Man, 33, missing following head injuries

A man from Plymouth has gone missing and has connections to Hampshire. The family have growing suspicions that he's in Hampshire. He was last seen in...

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12 Health Tips for Your 12 Days of Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching, and along with food and festivities come some specific health concerns. Make sure your Andover holidays include health...

Andover Shed Break In Warning

Police are asking for help after a shed break-in on South Street occurred during the last month. The break-in happened between the 3rd October 2019...

Andover’s Charlton Bridge Claims Double Decker Bus

Andover's notorious bridge in Charlton Road has claimed another victim this morning. A Wheelers branded Double Decker bus drove under the bridge, completely slicing the...
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