Hampshire Fire & Rescue

Photos show aftermath of catastrophic Ocado fire

Andover has witnessed the worse this week following a shocking fire that took place in the Walworth Business Park. Fareham Fire Station had released the...

Woman in ‘life-threatening’ condition following early-morning blaze

A 50-year-old woman was taken to Salisbury District Hospital in 'serious' condition. She is being described in a 'life-threatening' condition Emergency services were called to...

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Andover Shed Break In Warning

Police are asking for help after a shed break-in on South Street occurred during the last month. The break-in happened between the 3rd October 2019...

Andover’s Charlton Bridge Claims Double Decker Bus

Andover's notorious bridge in Charlton Road has claimed another victim this morning. A Wheelers branded Double Decker bus drove under the bridge, completely slicing the...
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