Lifestyle News | Survey Highlights Loss of everyday practical ability as Millennials Focus on Technology | Andover & VillagesWhilst silver surfers have embraced technology, with 61 percent of over 65s now using the internet on a weekly basis, there is a danger that older practical abilities like sewing on a button and even boiling an egg may die out.

According to the survey by Phoenix, over 65s in South East England clock up over 22 hours of online time a week, with 95% saying that they use the internet to look at email, 60% manage their finances online, 53% purchase lifestyle shopping and 42% find recipes on the internet.

In contrast, millennials are lacking the everyday practical abilities that their parents and grandparents learnt.

According to the survey, in South East England:

Twenty three percent of 18-35 year olds have never boiled an egg compared to 2% of over 65s A massive 60% have never changed a fuse compared to 25% of over 65s 26% have never sewn or repaired clothes compared to 11% of over 65s 41% of millennials have never eaten food that they’ve grown, compared to 19% of over 65s 70% haven’t changed a tyre, compared to 65% of the over 65s 8% have never hand-written a letter, while all over 65s have

“It’s encouraging how the internet is enabling people of all ages run their lives,” says Shellie Wells, Head of Corporate Communications at the Phoenix Group. “But it is a bit worrying that 23% of millennials have never even boiled an egg!”

However, whilst over 65s are increasing their use of the internet, they have some concerns about using it and four in five over 65s (88%) in the South East region dread using it in some way.

The biggest concern for over 65s is online hacking with 59% concerned about it Two in five (40%) are concerned about being able to tell whether a source is legitimate or false Over one in three (34%) are scared of clicking on something and getting a virus 34% hate dealing with pop ups “It’s clear there is room for some practical knowledge swapping” concludes Wells. “Older people can teach their grandchildren to boil eggs, for example, whilst millennials can play a key role in helping their parents and grandparents stay safe on the internet, teaching them how to spot scams and fraud.”

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