Superfood Tree Sales Rocket as Consumers Join Clean Eating TrendBumper year for Grow Your Own Superfood Trees and shrubs as sales rise by 500% at Wyevale Garden Centres

30,000 blueberry shrubs to be shifted in by end of year

Sales of superfood trees and bushes at Wyevale Garden Centres, the UK’s biggest garden centre retailer, have shot up by up to 500% as consumers clamber to join the clean eating trend.

Blackberry tree sales have rocketed up by 500% year to date whilst sales of raspberry and blueberry trees have shot up by 300% and 200% respectively.

The sales of Goji berry bushes meanwhile are forecast to be up by 500% by the end of the year, a prediction driven by the actual sales of similar berries and the popular interest in home grown produce.

Eating superfoods such as blueberries, raspberries and goji berries brings multiple health benefits. Superfoods are packed full of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and give a natural energy boost; they are also reported to have anti-ageing benefits.

Buying your own superfood fruit tree can help to save money as well as boost health. Buying fresh fruit can be expensive, but buying a superfood tree or bush will yield fruits for years to come – all for a one-off minimal investment. Buying a superfood tree or bush also brings environmental benefits, cutting down on food miles and chemical treatments.

As the UK’s biggest garden centre retailer, Wyevale Garden Centres stocks up to 1000 different types of fruit trees and bushes and has witnessed the steady increase of sales across all the Grow Your Own categories including vegetables and herbs. Keen gardeners who are short on space can even grow their own superfood fruit – both blueberries and goji berries can be grown in a patio container or pot.

David Mitchell, plant buyer at Wyevale Garden Centres, says: “Superfruits are often expensive so we’re offering our customers the chance to save money by growing their own. With a little care and attention, superfood plants and bushes will reward your efforts with plentiful crops. Now is the ideal time to buy your fruit tree or bush – planting now will produce beautiful and nutritious fruit by next summer.”

4Ltr soft fruit bushes cost £9.99 and fruit trees cost £39.99 at Wyevale Garden Centres.

Further reasons to grow your own fruit tree:

The Goji berry tree can grow almost vertically upright and so is perfect for small gardens or balconies where the footprint is restricted.

You can get up to 1 kilo of goji berries from just one plant

The self-pollinating Goji berry will thrive in the UK climate. Thanks to their supreme weather tolerance, they are hardy down to -15C. The late spring flowers are replaced by vitamin C packed berries that are produced throughout the summer and up until the first frosts.

Sweet and impossible to resist, blueberries are perfect for growing in containers, simply use acidic soil, and the white, early summer blooms will turn into the nutrient-rich berries.

Blueberries also make a lovely decorative patio plant that will produce white blossom in spring and have attractive bronze foliage in autumn.

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