Local favourite parlour, Twenty 5, had a successful startup week totalling over 2,700 customers – That’s over 350 a day.

The parlour, formerly ‘Phones 4 U’ was applied for last year in a bid to ‘improve’ the town’s High Street.

300 coffees, 290 crepes, 740 gelato’s, 225 milkshakes, 216 sundaes and over 450 waffles were served in the first week – impressive!

Twenty 5 said in their Facebook Page;  “Once again, thank you to everyone who came along, after all, we wouldn’t have a shop if it were not for you, and we hope you will come back and enjoy more desserts and Gelato.

It’s always nice to receive feedback and we have already received over 70 positive reviews on Facebook. To help us, please keep the reviews coming and also if you have enjoyed your visit this week please let us know by liking this post and taking time to comment on our reviews page.”

The staff also apologised for the long queues. With the 2,700 orders, only 2 were wrong, reportedly.

Kit Malthouse, local MP, also visited the parlour this week and enjoyed the ice-cream.