Rosebourne Christmas

Andover and Villages visited Rosebourne Garden Centre in Weyhill today for a look at their 2019 Christmas department.

Last year, a hanging Christmas wreath caught my eye but I never got around to making the purchase, on our visit today we had a good look to see if we could find it. After an unsuccessful search, I approached a member of staff in the Christmas section for help, his name is Brandon.

I gave Brandon a very vague description of the item I was looking for and asked if he knew if they had any in stock, he informed me that there was another week of deliveries to come, but would go and have a look to see if he could find what I was looking for. He said he would be a few minutes and so we continued to wander around the shop.

After about ten minutes, Brandon appeared carrying my hanging wreath, he told me that it was the last one and asked if this was it?

I was very excited and happy to see the exact item I was looking for and was surprised he had managed to find it given my pretty rubbish description, I told him it was exactly what I was looking for, Brandon then told me it had been reduced to half price!

Too often in shops, staff can be unhelpful and occasionally obstructive when a customer asks for something out of the box, the response, ‘if it isn’t on the shelf we don’t have it’ is an all too often coined phrase, but there was none of that today with Brandon.

What a breath of fresh air – lucky Rosebourne and lucky customers to have such a great member of an already fabulous team.

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