Education News | St Michael's Primary School Pupils Sketch by the River | Andover & VillagesClass 3 pupils from St. Michael’s primary school enjoyed an afternoon sketching by the Mill Pond in Figheldean recently.

This term the class have been focusing on the topic of water and have been learning about the water cycle, rivers and the state of matter changes water can go through (solid, liquid and gases).

As part of this, they have also been studying the works of famous artists who have captured water scenes, such as Monet’s Waterlilies and Thames paintings. The afternoon by the river enabled the children to try discussed and practiced skills and styles in a beautiful natural setting.

All the children enjoyed putting the pencil techniques they had been learning in the classroom into practice from the real life scene.

‘Working in real life allowed the children to absorb the atmosphere and have fun trying to capture that moment using their sketching skills. They particularly enjoyed trying to quickly sketch a duck as it swam across the water in front of them,” said class teacher, Owena Archer.

No trip to a river with a bridge can be complete without a game of ‘Pooh Sticks’. The children loved collecting sticks and dropping them into the water before racing to the other side of the bridge to see whose selection would appear first.

Back in the classroom, the children will be using their sketches and the photos taken to create their own master pieces in the style of Monet.

Picture Caption – Georgia Flowers enjoying sketching by the river.

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