St Mary Bourne Main Through Road Finally Opens Tomorrow

It has been a long three weeks for the residents, visitors and workers of St Mary Bourne.

On 22nd October 2014, the road running from the St Mary Bourne viaduct right up to the pub in the centre of the village, The George, has been closed. Access to Vitacress, The Bourne Valley Inn and residential homes could be accessed from the viaduct end and everything else from the centre of the village unless using a detour, which took travellers a considerable way around single lane roads.

One St Mary Bourne resident told Andover & Villages, “It has been an absolute nightmare to get my daughter to the bus stop in the next village. Having to take the detour at 7.30am and again at 5.30pm has been very difficult to negotiate, with such a large amount of traffic using the detour on a road that is not equipped for it. My car has been subjected to gulleys in the road and lots of potholes, it has been quite scary.

“I do understand that it’s important to undertake repairs to the sewers, but it feels like, at all times, the village suffers in one way or another.”

Southern Water promised that the work would be completed in 3 weeks from the closure date and has kept to that promise. A spokesperson told Andover & Villages today (Tuesday 11th November 2014), “We informed customers by letter that commencing Wednesday, October 22, the road would be closed for three weeks so that essential sewer repair work could take place. The three-week period expires at midnight tonight. By this time all of the work will have been completed on schedule. Tarmac is being laid to reinstate the road today. We shall reopen the road tomorrow, after allowing for the tarmac to cure overnight.

“Naturally, we apologise for any inconvenience this road closure has caused, but we have explained to every resident that we needed to repair a broken sewer pipe as part of a vital £1 million programme to help prevent the infiltration of groundwater into the sewer system. This is essential if St Mary Bourne residents are to continue to use their toilet and bathroom facilities, should this winter, again, prove to be excessively wet.” 

The road will open on the morning of Wednesday 12th November 2014. The exact time is not known at this point.

St Mary Bourne Main Through Road Finally Opens Tomorrow

St Mary Bourne Main Through Road Finally Opens Tomorrow

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