Andover police
Stock photo of Hampshire Officers

In the last four days over Andover, there have been three burglaries that police would like to make you aware of.

At around 11.20am and 11.30am on 02/10/19 a property was accessed on Moneyer Street, Saxon Fields through the forced open doors of the back patios. There were no objects taken, but a witness saw two individuals in the neighbourhood before leaving the area in a light blue car.

A house on Cummins Close was accessed through the back patio doors between 0930 hours and 2030 hours on 05/10/19. A lot of gold has been robbed.

A house on Farrs Avenue was broken in between 1700 hours on 05/10/19 and 0100 hours on06/10/19. Access was again obtained through the back doors of the patio. Objects and a Black Audi SQ2 were stolen from the house.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that your home security systems need to be proactive and updated. Please contact Police at 101 if you have any information regarding these accidents. Contact your local Community Policing Unit if you would like advice on crime prevention

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