Have you ever noticed when you bring your bundle of joy home, that you always take the baby blanket with you?

Southampton Ladies Circle decided after seeing a social media post from the NHS calling out for people to help donate baby blankets that they had to act fast due to the baby boom season approaching. Past President Tanya Harder, decided to jump at the chance to help, and posted on the Circles Social media pages, as well as calling in favours from friends to help get sharing the original post that the NHS had put out, which had stated they urgently requiring baby blankets for the neonatal and baby unit.

Tanya, “With many of my friends both locally and nationally already having young children, it was quite easy to approach them with the idea of just doing a collection of blankets to donate to the Princess Anne Hospital to help them with the amazing service they provide to each mum to be.”

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Southampton Ladies circle realised after sharing the post on their social media pages that mums were getting in contact to donate previous baby blankets and even donating money for circles to buy baby blankets for the collection.

“You find when the community needs help, Ladies Circle not just in Southampton but up and down the country like to get involved and support where they can. We are a community and we help as best we can. A blanket maybe something small, that the child grows out of quickly, but other than their mum and dad, it’s the first proper item that they know is a safety net for them.” Tanya Harder said. “The ladies and myself were amazed by the support we received from friends and loved ones as well as the wider community in trying to get as many blankets as we could in a short period of time.”

On the Thursday 21st June 2018, Tanya went to the Princess Anne on behalf of Southampton Ladies Circle to drop off the 76 baby blankets that were donated. The neonatal and baby unit were thrilled by the support, and the way Southampton Ladies’ Circle jumped on board and have helped try to inspire other ladies within the community to support some truly incredible and worthy causes.

Ladies’ Circle is a national organisation for women aged 18-45, consisting of over 130 clubs nationwide, as well as international clubs across the world in 34 countries. It is a social organisation – the social network with a social conscience – making friends and raising money for charities locally, nationally and internationally.

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