South Central Ambulance Charity Wants Your Help To Raise £1mOn 12 October, the South Central Ambulance Charity will officially launch its campaign to raise £1m by Christmas 2019 to help support local ambulance services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

The charity exists to help your local ambulance service help you. The money it raises will be used to:

 Train and equip communities to save lives by providing more life-saving equipment in local communities (such as public access defibrillators), and giving local people the confidence to use them

 Train and equip volunteer community first responders (CFRs) who have been trained to provide a lifesaving response to their neighbours while an ambulance is on its way  Enable South Central Ambulance Service to provide enhanced care for local people that is over and above what current NHS funding allows The charity wants to raise the money needed to make sure that no-one in Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire is ever more than 8 minutes away from a public access defibrillator and to run the awareness raising programmes needed to make sure that we all know how to find one and how to use it if we ever need to help someone who is having trouble with their heart. The Andover area is still a long way off this target.

Simon Weston OBE, the Falklands War Veteran, is putting his support behind the campaign and will be the patron of the charity. Simon said:

“How many of us have seen something bad happen to a friend, family member or stranger when there is no-one around for immediate help, not known what to do and later thought ‘I wish I could have done something or made a difference’.

“This is the difference you can make. By volunteering yourself, getting involved in events or donating money you will help get more volunteers trained in life-saving skills with more life- saving equipment available in your community.

“I’m very excited to support the South Central Ambulance Charity because it will help local people realise that they can make the difference, they can be the difference “

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