Education News | South America Day at Local School | Andover & VillagesPupils from Bulford St Leonards Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, swapped their uniforms for brightly coloured clothes, when they took part in South America Day recently.

The Year 5 and 6 pupils didn’t know what topic they would be studying, until they were given a clue, a South American word search.

“They realised pretty quickly the topic and that we would be focussing on South American carnivals and celebrations,” said Class teacher, Karen Jeffrey. “The children started off by working in teams to create masks and props for our own carnival that took place after lunch. This experience brought together the children and they showed fantastic team work. We had masks of all shapes, size, colours and designs.”

After lunch, once the children had paraded their masks to the other class, they designed lanterns to decorate the classroom and had a chance to make salsa.

“They then all tried the salsa and some liked it more than the others,” said Class teacher, Rosie Wheeler. “The children had a wonderful day. It was so nice to have such a creative day after the SATs. The children were so enthusiastic from the moment they walked in to the classroom until the moment they left.”

Pupil, Talliah Donkin agreed. “This is literally the most exciting day ever!”

For the rest of this term the pupils will be learning about the different countries in South America and learning about different traditions they have. Their writing in class will also link to the South American topic too, starting off with a non-chronological report on the different festivals, and celebrations they have.

Photo captions: DSCF 2428: Evan Bradford, Niran Rana, William McCluskey, Dylan Vyner and Ben Malkinson.

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