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A strong smell which once again has appeared in the Tesco Extra in Andover has put off many customers.

Andover residents have taken to Twitter and Facebook to further discuss the horrible smell with many speculating why it smells so bad.

A commonly spread assumption is that Tesco is set under a sewage line, however, it comes to light what the issue is in a further statement by Tesco.

The Metro reported that multiple stores across the UK have experienced the same issue. Some stores are encountering customers actually leave their trolleys and leave the store.

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A spokesperson from Tesco told Andover and Villages; “There is a small issue with underfloor piping at our Andover Extra store which we are working hard to fix as quickly as possible. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused to our customers while we complete this work and can confirm the occasional smell is caused by stagnant water and is not a risk to health or our products.”

Tesco later emphasised that there ISN’T any risks to personal health or products.

One customer fled the store with her child according to reports.

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