Snow Weather Issued By the Met Office

The Met Office has issued a weather warning today, (Monday 12th January 2015) that predicts showers of hail, sleet and snow on Tuesday evening and overnight which are likely to leave a covering of snow of 3 – 6 cm in places, especially on ground over 100m but also locally to lower levels too.

Icy patches will also form on untreated surfaces. The public should be aware of the risk of tricky driving conditions.

A cold westerly airstream will spread across the area on Tuesday evening, allowing frequent showers in the overnight period to fall as snow, especially over high ground. There is some uncertainty over how much snow will settle at low levels, and many places may miss the snow altogether. However, where snow does occur it is likely to be heavy and produce a covering quite quickly.

This warning is likely to be updated on Tuesday, keep checking Andover & Villages for updates.

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