Women selling flowers in Andover Town Centre

We decided to pop into town on Saturday to get a few bits for a village event we were attending that evening, as we walked down the High Street, we popped into Edinburgh Woolen Mill and as we left, an elderly lady headed towards us clutching a carnation wrapped in foil, ‘Flowers for luck’ she said, I shook my head and walked on whilst she made a beeline for the man I was with, he also told her no, but she did not take this as an answer and continued to walk in front of him, shouting, ‘it’s bad luck to say no’, he said no again and she still attempted to block his way.

As we listened to the amazing boys from Outside Central, I watched as the pair of elderly women continued to accost and harass Andover residents attempting to go about their Saturday. Surely this is anti-social behaviour, I have no issues with anyone selling anything in the street, however when it becomes aggressive and intrusive surely something needs to be done by the local police and council.

What do you think?

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