Schools News - Gardening Fun at Longparish Playgroup

This term at Longparish Playgroup we have had lots of fun exploring how things grow in our garden. Last week we harvested our potatoes and had a potato themed snack, where we looked at all the different things potatoes can be made into and the children even took some potatoes home for their tea. The children also planted sunflower seeds to see who could grow the tallest one.

James Hillier from Hillier Nuseries whose son Charlie attends the Playgroup came to talk to the children about the importance of trees. James said

I spent a very enjoyable morning talking to the children about the vital importance of trees to us humans and the world as a whole.  The children came up with some wonderful examples, like they provide food to eat, homes for wildlife, oxygen for us to breath, fuel for log fires, shade against the hot sun…and many more.  We then talked about what a tree needs to grow and finally we planted apple tree which the children will look after.  This is a great opportunity for the children to have hands-on experience of looking after a tree and providing it with water and care, and explore the seasonal changes as the tree grows to ultimately provide the fruit and shade that they discussed that morning.” 

Kirsty Stephenson whose daughter Ruby attends the Playgroup said; “The children really enjoyed growing things in the garden and seem to have learnt and understood a lot from it. Now on rainy days instead of feeling gloomy about staying inside my little girl tells me why it’s a good thing – “the plants need it, mummy, in order to grow”.”

In order to continue to develop our garden area we are holding a plant sale on Saturday 9th August 10.30am- 1.30pm at the Playgroup.

All the plants have been supplied by Hillier Nurseries.

Schools News - Gardening Fun at Longparish Playgroup

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