Education | School's Back - Stay Safe On The WayWith children going back to school this week, police are encouraging parents to offer their children some simple safety advice.

Whether your son or daughter is walking, cycling or taking public transport to school this week, here is some simple safety advice to help them stay safe.

Education | School's Back - Stay Safe On The WayOut and about

• If possible walk with a friend or group of friends.

• Stay alert – Keep an eye on everything that is happening around you.

• Avoid wearing earphones or chatting on your mobile phone, as this will distract you from your surroundings.

• Trust your instincts – If you have a ‘funny feeling’ about someone or something, don’t ignore it, act on it straight away.

• Take the route you know best and stick to busy, well-lit streets.

• Walk in the middle of the pavement, facing oncoming traffic. This will avoid any cars driving up alongside you as you walk.

• Think about your route home. Where would be a safe place to go if something went wrong? Safe places might be busy places like shops or garages, friends’ houses or a police station.

• Have your keys ready as you approach your home so you can get inside quickly.

Using public transport

• Always wait for a bus or taxi in a well-lit place and near other people if you can.

• Sit near the driver or guard and make sure you can see as much of the bus deck or carriage as possible.

• Have your travel pass/correct change ready, so that your purse or wallet stays out of sight.

• Always give away your bag, purse or wallet rather than fighting to keep it. Your things can be replaced – you can’t.

• Your voice can be one of your best forms of defence. Don’t be embarrassed to make as much noise as possible to attract attention.

Mark your things

• Security mark your phone and other valuables and register them on

• You can downloading a tracking app for phones and computers.

If your phone is stolen these apps can be traced and may help the police track down offenders so your property can be returned.

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