Sainsbury is the first UK supermarket to become plastic-free by removing plastic bags for loose fruit and vegetables and bakery items from ALL of its stores.

The supermarket will replace the plastic bags with paper and reusable bags made from recycleable materials.

The change is set to be in place by September.

The latest efforts brings this total to more than 10,000 tonnes.

Sainsbury’s will also remove plastic cutlery from stores as well as:

  • plastic trays for asparagus and sweetcorn (144 tonnes)
  • plastic lids from cream pots (114 tonnes)
  • plastic trays for tomatoes (102 tonnes)
  • plastic trays for carrots (38 tonnes)
  • plastic sleeves from herb pots (18 tonnes)

The company has also committed to replace:

  • black plastic trays with recyclable alternatives (6000 tonnes)
  • plastic film on fruit and vegetables with a recyclable alternative (2518 tonnes)
  • PVC and polystyrene trays with recyclable alternatives (1213 tonnes)
  • plastic trays for eggs with a fibre alternative (341 tonnes)
  • plastic cutlery for takeaway food with wooden alternatives (38 tonnes)

Morrisons announced a similar move last month rolling out plastic-free fruit and veg areas in 60 stores this year.

Morrisons has also granted shoppers an option to take their own containers to Morrisons Market.

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