The RSPCA is warning cat owners to keep their windows closed as the charity hears increasing reports of cats falling from windows.

The RSPCA Herts East Branch has had reports of three cats falling from windows in the space of 24 hours this week.

Branch operations manager Vicky Burrell said: “We need to warn well-meaning cat owners of the dangers they could be putting their pets under by having their windows open.

“We have had three incidences of kittens falling from windows in the past 24 hours, I’m sure this isn’t deliberate but kittens and cats are naturally curious so it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Nicole Stevens, from Hitchin, Hertfordshire, has two young kittens Kara and Marley. She woke up on Wednesday morning (July 25) to find that Kara had fallen out of her daughter’s bedroom window on the second floor.

Kara was taken to a local vets but sadly died the next day.

Nicole said: “I would like to help get the message out there that this can happen. We had never seen the kittens go near the window before but when I got up this morning poor Kara was outside and was dragging her back legs.

“I am shocked that an accident like this can happen and other owners need to be aware that their cats can fall from any open window.” Caroline Allen, RSPCA London veterinary director, said: “In the summer months we do seem to see in an increase in the number of cats being brought into us which have fallen from a balcony or window.

“It is unfortunately a relatively common condition that vets see during warm weather. Cats don’t seem to have good perception of great heights and it’s possible that when distracted or playing they may fall from open windows and balconies from many floors up, which can cause serious injury and even death.

“We urge owners to take great care of their cats near windows and on balconies in this warm weather. Limiters and mesh can be used on windows and balcony safety meshes and nets are available.”

The RSPCA also recently (July 17) investigated the deaths of two cats who were found lying close together outside Kingswood House, in Kimpton Close, Druids Heath, Birmingham. Following inquiries it was found the cats had died in a tragic accident after falling from an open window.

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