Rocket Launcher handed in during gun surrender.
Credit @ Hampshire Constabulary. Rocket Launcher handed in during gun surrender.

Police were handed in a rocket launcher during a two-week gun surrender in Hampshire.

The weapons handed in across Hampshire saw among 60 weapons including, 31 handguns, 12 shotguns, 24 rifles and a deactivated machine gun including ammunition all handed in between 20th July and 4th August 2019, say police.

Two starting cannons from a sailing club and tasers were also handed in during the surrender.

Machine Gun.
Credit @ Hampshire Constabulary

A spokesperson declined further comment about the person who handed in the rocket launcher.

Police would not prosecute those who handed in illegal weapons and would remain anonymous.

However, police said if the weapon was linked to a crime, it would still be investigated.

The force added now that the surrender was finished, “if you find a firearm or are uncertain about the lawful possession of a firearm, please call us on 101 or 999 in an emergency”.

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