A controversial incinerator which is planned to be stationed in Barton Stacey has been noticed by the residents of the surrounding areas.

‘STOP THE – Barton Stacey Incinerator / Power Station’ says a resident in a passionate plea to help against the ‘enormous’ and ‘uneconomical’ plant

The plant is set to be the 10th largest in the country alongside processing over 450,000tonnes of waste per year, 25,000tonnes from Test Valley.

Many locals residents have taken to Facebook and Twitter to discuss the proposed plan with many against it. One mentioned a similar station based in Gloucestershire which emits a large plume which may be the same for the Barton Stacey incinerator.

The plant will be called ‘Wheelabrator Harewood’ and if approved, according to reports it would produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 110,000 homes and ‘divert’ around 450,000 tonnes of post-recycled waste a year that would otherwise go to a landfill or be exported, however, this 450,000 tonnes would need to travel by road.

Many have raised the subject of transport for building the plant, the area has no river nor train tracks to transport the waste and materials to build the plant.

The plan is in early stages, however, the waste American waste giant has sent letters to neighbouring residents, people living in Whitchurch and further villages have also joined the campaign to stop the ‘enormous’ plant

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Whitchurch Town Council Chairman John Buckey said: “such a plant would have a massive impact on the countryside and the area for miles around. There is concern that with a southwesterly prevailing wind, any emissions of gasses, particulate matter or odours could go straight over Whitchurch and North Hampshire if not strictly controlled.

Local residents must be both kept informed and listened to so that all aspects can be considered – including what other options there are regarding waste and recycling”.

David Drew, local councillor, has been contacted for comment.

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