Andover Town Centre
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As a portion of a significant review to form the city centre’s prospects, local citizens and companies are encouraged to express their opinions on Andover.

Nationally known urban design specialists, HemingwayDesign and New Masterplanning, introduced today an original study requesting for feedback from people on how, when and why they use and want to use the city center.

Named by the Test Valley Borough Council, HemingwayDesign and New Masterplanning will collect feedback from local inhabitants and companies, feasibility studies and other important statistics to guide a city master plan. This will then function as a blueprint for the entire redevelopment of the region.

Councillor Phil North, Test Valley Borough Council Leader, said: “Rejuvenating our town centers is the top one concern of the council and your opinions will assist guide our optimistic proposals for renovation through this study, establishing a location where individuals want to travel, reside and invest time. We all know that city centers are evolving with a higher concentrate on recreation and eating as well as shopping, and we want to understand what would draw more individuals to Andover in this sense.

“This will definitely not be the only opportunity for individuals to offer us their feedback, but rather it signals the beginning of a extensive consultative method and I would encourage individuals to get as much engaged as necessary along the manner.

“We have an chance to form the city once in a century before us and we have to do all we can to capture it with both fingers.” Wayne Hemingway, HemingwayDesign, stated: “Town center woes never seem to be out of the domestic headlines.

But not all city centers suffer as much as the press shows. We are able to catch up with thoughts and schemes between all of us that will assist Andover City Center become a vibrant focal point for future generations of societies.

You don’t have to be a planner to have thoughts, we want and need to know your thoughts, “said Lora White, New Masterplanning:” NEW world scheduling is really enthusiastic about the chance to live in Andover and begin to improve the city center through the master scheduling method.

The crucial to providing a good approach is to make sure that through the interactions of the individuals who use it on a weekly basis we really comprehend Andover.

We will be looking to maintain a number of government activities in the coming months where we will need your local understanding and feedback, but this online survey is a really important chance for individuals to offer us their first ideas.

“The masterplan method will require about 12 months to finish and will require substantial public consultation to determine what Andover’s future will sound like. Once the masterplan is in location, it is probable that the board will designate a builder associate to begin making improvements in the city. can access the study

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