Question Time - Cllr Katherine Bird Answers - CCTV on Industrial Estates? 


Why is there no CCTV on the Walworth Industrial Estate? 


“Estates team at TVBC have told me that all the buildings on the site which are not owned or occupied by TVBC are advised that they should install their own security arrangements, to make sure that they are appropriate for whoever is in the building.

The Walworth Enterprise Centre, (which is owned by TVBC and managed by Kier Ventures), does have CCTV (which also covers some of the street outside the facility) and an integrated alarm.

TVBC has previously be asked about covering the whole estate with CCTV, and as so often is the case it comes down to how it is paid for and who will monitor it. Kier Property, who are managing the Estate, are including a service fee for new occupants which could go towards funding CCTV in the future.

As the site is over 200 acres it is a difficult thing to do and is not something that is going to be happen right now, but is certainly to be looked at and considered again.

What difference do you think it would make to have CCTV on the Industrial Estates?

Katherine Bird”

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