New Puffin Crossing on Winchester Road


Over the past nine years (to March this year) there have been five accidents involving both pedestrians and cyclists on or near the zebra crossing.  Three of the accidents occurred on the crossing itself, of these, one was as a result of a driver failing to give way to a pedestrian.  In addition, there are a number of anecdotal accounts of near misses which fortunately have not resulted in personal injury accidents.

There have been a number of complaints regarding the location of the zebra crossing from local residents due to the crossings close proximity to the Old Winton Road junction and the perception that drivers did not always stop due to a lack of awareness.

In May 2012 a survey was undertaken whereby members of the public in Winchester Road were asked whether they would prefer to use the existing zebra crossing or a new Pelican crossing outside the Wellington Centre.  Of the 52 people surveyed 43 (83%) were in favour of moving the crossing slightly further north and upgrading to a controlled crossing.


It is not possible for a Puffin crossing to be located at the site of the former zebra crossing as relevant guidelines state that Puffin crossings should be located at least 20 metres from a side road, unlike a zebra crossing which can be located as close as five metres to a side road.  The new location for the Puffin crossing is only possible because of the closure of the (former) Wellington Inn’s private access.

When the zebra crossing was installed in 2002/3 the desire line for pedestrians was considered to be from Old Winton Road travelling south along Winchester Road towards Anton Junior and Infant Schools and west towards Wolverdene Special School.  However, following the development of the new supermarket and entertainments complex off of A3057 Western Avenue the desire line has shifted.  The footpath alongside the Wellington Centre is used as a short cut to the public car park and onwards to a pedestrian link to the Asda and Cinema complex.

Community Engagement

A statutory notice giving details of the proposed scheme was issued.  There was also a letter drop along Winchester Road from the junction with Eastern/Western Avenue to the junction with Humberstone Road as well as Old Winton Road from the junction with Winchester Road to the junction with Love Lane.  A letter was also sent to the Town Council, Anton Junior and Infant Schools as well as Wolverdene Special School.   A brief description of the scheme and a plan was uploaded to both Hampshire County Council’s and Test Valley Borough Council’s (TVBC) websites as well as a display placed at TVBC Andover Office and Andover Library.

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