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Time is running out to have all of your dress options open for your upcoming Prom. 12 weeks is the timing quoted for ordering in your perfect dress for your perfect prom at most Prom dress outlets.

Andover & Villages spent time at The Dress Boutique, on their Discount Prom Weekend and watched Deanna, a 16yo local Harrow Way student try on lots of dresses with her Mum and best friend, Chloe by her side. It is clear that the Prom has quickly become a British Obsession. Although Proms as we know them first started in America, some think as early as in the late 1800’s, but more regularly documented in the 1950’s, they are rapidly becoming a British institution.

In the UK, Proms have really only taken off in the last 15 years, but with them now being big business, families are paying some £200-£600 for a dress plus accessories, including amazing tiaras, diamanté shoes and clutch bags.

There appears to be an etiquette to Prom Dress buying: firstly, no-one should see anyone else’s dress before Prom night, apart from your Mum and best friend, secondly, no one should be wearing the same dress as you at the Prom, because that would be a disaster. Andover & Villages was told that one school made the Prom year girls disclose what colour and style dress, they were wearing to stop arguments and distress.

Luckily, Owner of the Dress Boutique, Louise, keeps a book with a note of which dress has been sold to which school, so that anyone she has sold one of her amazing dresses to, doesn’t double up, another fantastic reason for using your local Dress Boutique.

The Dress Boutique can still get you a dress for this year’s Prom, but the longer you leave it, the less selection you will have from any of the shops that sell Prom dresses, because of the 12 week order time. The good news is that you can pay in instalments, so it’s best to get down to the Dress Boutique and get your dress picked and chosen as soon as possible.

For details of opening, see the Dress Boutique Website: www.dressboutique.co.uk

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