Prmary School Places Allocated Across AndoverAn overwhelming majority of parents have been offered a school place for their child, by Hampshire County Council, at one of their preferred schools.

In total just under 90% of parents applying for a primary school place have been allocated a place at their first choice school, with over 97% being offered a place at one of their three preferred schools.

Predicting the number of primary places required is a complex calculation, relying on annually collected health data indicating the number of pre-school age children across the county, as well as district and borough councils’ local development plans showing proposed housing growth. Other factors that play their part, and are less easy to predict, are population movements to existing homes in and out of the county and the impact of parental preference.

In common with the national picture, demand for school places is growing. Hampshire County Council has been working hard to increase capacity at primary schools in areas where demand is highest and the Council has expanded a number of schools across the county to provide quality education locally.

In the small number of cases where parents may not have secured a place for their child at a school of their choice, those parents have the right to appeal and can put their child’s name down on their preferred school’s waiting list. Places can become available if parents change their mind, or families move home.

Figures for 2015 are similar to last year despite rising demand for places. Hampshire County Council’s Admissions Service has processed over 15,000 applications for primary school places.

In 2013, the County Council put in place a long term strategy to provide 11,300 new primary school places by 2018 to meet increasing demand due to higher birth rates and the growing number of new housing developments attracting new families into Hampshire. A planned investment of £23 million, in new schools and school expansions has been agreed for the current financial year (2015/16).

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