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Best Food Options to Choose if You Want to Lose Weight

Foods with low carbohydrate contents are considered the best food options for aspiring individuals who struggle to lose weight. Studies have shown that eating low-carb foods results in weight loss. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the best food options if you want to lose weight.

Learning the basics

Before you hurry to the supermarket, familiarize yourself first with the basics of low-carb eating. You need to know what foods to pick, what foods to avoid, and how much low-carb foods to eat daily. Consider adding exercise techniques to stay fit. Go to the gym or try working out at home. Apart from physical challenges, you should also exercise your brain. Try a new crossword every day and enjoy answering the questions. Push yourself to do a more difficult crossword puzzle to know what you’re capable of. Having both physical and mental challenges are great for your health.

Foods to pick

Consider these food options in your list every time you go to the supermarket. You can choose any fish, meat, vegetables, eggs, nuts, fruits, healthy oils, seeds, high-fat dairy, some tubers, and non-gluten grains.

You can also choose from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and other grass-fed meats. If you are a fish lover, it is best to choose wild-caught fish such as haddock, salmon, and the like. You may also opt for pastured eggs or any omega-3 enriched eggs. You can choose from cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and other leafy ones for vegetables, and apples, pears, oranges, strawberries, and blueberries for fruit choices. Nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds are good for you. If you love high-fat dairy, you can pick butter, yogurt, cheese, or heavy cream. You may also try olive oil, coconut oil, or fish oil in your meal plan.

But, if you are a person with a serious illness, you need to talk first to your doctor and consult if these food options are good for you.

Foods to avoid

Restricted foods are lovely to eat! But, you need to avoid these foods before you realize it has gone a long way in your diet. Say no to sugar, seed oils, HFCS, trans fats, wheat, and highly processed foods.

Foods rich in sugar include soft drinks, candies, fruit juices, ice cream, and other products containing added sugar. Do away also with cereals or crackers having reduced fats yet contain added sugars. Avoid rice, wheat, bread, pasta, barley, rye, and other refined grains. You also need to limit your starchy vegetable intake if you want low-carb foods. If you see that the foods are highly processed and the oils are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated, you better turn your eyes back and run away.

Low-carb food limits

For some individuals, low-carb diets gave them a sense of fullness and satisfaction. But this also varies to some individuals depending on their age, body type, sex, and activity levels.

Knowing your BMI and daily calorie intake requirement will serve as your roadmap to your weight loss goals. Research shows that those who lose weight have cut down a considerable amount of carbs in their required daily calorie intake.

Andover Environment: How Web Hosting Damages the Environment

Green web hosting options

The environmental battle has been raging significantly over the last decade, and one of the biggest impacts is electricity used by what hosts the internet, web hosting. And many are searching for the best green web hosting providers just so they can mark this, and help with the environmental battle. 

Comparison websites have listed GreenGeeks as one of the best, with some other normal web hosting services ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions.

What Is Green Web Hosting?

Green web hosting companies are attempting to deal with the environmental problem by engaging in a kind of carbon offsetting system, in which they pay to generate the same electricity (or sometimes even more from renewables for every power unit that they use and pump it into the grid.

GreenGeeks – Is It The Best?

GreenGeeks is a good choice if you’re worried about your environmental effects because of its green pledge of 300 per cent.   

However, GreenGeeks is worth investigating even if you just want to provide good and cheap hosting.   

They have secure servers, superior security procedures, automatic backups, simple server maintenance, various support options and even the ability to use WordPress dedicated hosting.

How Much Damage Does Web Hosting Do?

There are currently about three million data centres in America, and they represent about 2% of America’s overall energy use—around five nuclear power plants. There are around three million data centres in America. A server generates more carbon dioxide on its own every year than a vehicle. More than ten years ago, data centres consumed a total of fourteen 1000 megawatt coal-fired power plants worldwide. And this is only growing — web hosting would be almost as polluting as the airline industry by 2020. 

However, it is not just about the use of electricity. Servers misuse the environment in many respects. The attempt to suppress fire in the data centre is one of the least recognised areas of pollution. Of course, they understand that consumer data need to be kept safe and that a company that works so closely with high voltage makes sense to use comprehensive precautions. The chemicals that are being used are sadly very damaging for the ecosystem, they deplete the ozone layer and are combined with rainwater runoff.

Electronic waste is also present. Server hardware and machinery not only have a short lifetime, but data centres must upgrade their equipment at least every 5 years, if not earlier, in order to meet the performance demands and competitors. Any of this ‘junk’ reaches a waste site, often by hazardous dumping offshore. But worse are the toxic compounds that are found in many electronic products. This can enter the groundwater and harm both plants, animals and people.


If you’re concerned, definitely go with a hosting provider like GreenGeeks or even DreamHost which promises to constantly innovate in terms of being more enviro-friendly. 

You can even try to find an eco CDN provider, but at the end of the day, the above is definitely a good host to choose, if you’re into green hosting.

The success of online casinos and what they could teach Andover’s brick-and-mortar casinos

The UK gambling industry is worth a reported £14.3 billion, according to a 2019 report in https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/, with 37% of this value coming from online casino and bingo websites. Its rising popularity can be a source of inspiration to Andover’s traditional brick-and-mortar casinos as they look to attract new audiences. We look at the key reasons behind the rising popularity of online gambling.

First and foremost, and perhaps most obviously, convenience is a huge factor in the popularity of online casinos. No need to get dressed up to the nines, no need to turn it into a big night out and no need to travel any distance at all. People are enticed by the fact they can remain in the comfort of their own home and engage with casino offerings at any time they see fit. Mobile apps have added another layer of convenience as online gambling platforms are now available on-the-go. A focus on comfort and familiarity could help traditional casinos to attract similar consumers.

Online gambling sites also offer attractive promotions and bonuses. These offers can give players a risk-free head-start as they get used to differing websites, whilst loyalty programmes are also effective in encouraging users to stay with them for further rewards. Matched bonuses give players an edge which they can use to play classic favourites like roulette in a non-traditional format, which can make online casinos such as https://games.paddypower.com/c/roulette attractive to users. Many also give the player the opportunity to play-for-free, providing players with a safe space in which they can get to grips with differing facets of the site. Physical casinos could also offer promotions to attract punters with loyalty schemes to keep them coming back.

Versatility is also a key strength of online casino sites as they often offer thousands of different slots and games to choose from. Users are therefore likely to find a particular online format which suits their tastes and keeps them returning consistently. The variety and vibrancy of online slots in particular provide a depth of gameplay which keeps users returning to the site. Physical casinos can learn from this by having rotating slot machines offering new experiences with each visit.

Online casinos are showing a huge commitment to technological progression with Virtual Reality being tested as a potential future path. This could take online casinos even closer to

replicating the experience of being inside a ‘real-life’ casino without the player having to leave their own home. Online gambling sites already offer a range of social interaction platforms in order to facilitate an environment for a growing community in which fellow users can chat whilst they play. Virtual reality could take this a step further and allow social interaction to feel fully immersive. This is an area in which physical casinos still have an edge with the ability to offer people face-to-face interactions in a fun environment.

New casinos and bingo halls continue to be built across the country, as reported in https://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/, so there is clearly still appetite for traditional venues. However, there is always room for progress amongst the gambling venues in Andover and they can learn from certain aspects of the online casino experience. There is plenty of room for online and traditional casinos to succeed and they can continue to learn from each other through a healthy sense of competition.

Tidworth Golf Club to reopen from Wednesday

Golf club reopens

Tidworth Golf Club will open its doors to members once again from Wednesday onwards following the government’s slight relaxation to Coronavirus lockdown measures.

Following Boris Johnson’s speech to the nation on Sunday evening it has now been confirmed that there are a number of rule changes present in England, such as encouraging people to go back to work, unlimited exercise and the option to take part in some sporting activities.

Golf is one of the available sporting options, hence Tidworth’s decision to reopen their doors to members from Wednesday onwards, albeit with some restrictions in place. Tidworth Golf Club has been closed since March 23, but will this week end their seven-week hiatus now that it is considered safe enough to do so.

Players must still follow the 2m social distancing guidelines and are only allowed to play alongside one other member of their household on each round.

The Prime Minister said on Sunday: “you can even play sports but only with members of your own households,” with it also expected that tennis and basketball courts will once again be available for use by members of the public.

However, lockdown rules dictate that team sports such as football, rugby and boxing, where social distancing isn’t possible, unlike during a relaxing round of golf, will all still be unavailable until further notice.

With those sports remaining cancelled for the foreseeable future, the interest in golf is anticipated to be exceptional over the coming weeks. There have already been a surge of enquiries about the potential of becoming a member at Tidworth since the announcement over the weekend.

Tidworth Golf Club has an outstanding reputation for being one of the elite golf club’s in the country and was recently voted as the best members golf club in Wiltshire by top100golfcourses.com.

The club are still currently taking on new members but those who hold an interest in joining are advised to be swift in contacting the club, with new places likely to fill up quickly in the light of recent news. 

There are a number of membership options available for new members including a full introductory or social membership package, while there are also different packages available for different age groups. 

If you are interested in joining Tidworth Golf Club, you are able to contact them today through the following channels:

Website: https://www.tidworthgolfclub.co.uk/contact

Phone: 01980 842 301

Email: manager@tidworthgolfclub.co.uk, admin@tidworthgolfclub.co.uk

Local Coronavirus Volunteer Groups Released

Andover Coronavirus Support Networks Rainbow

Test Valley Borough Council has published a list of local volunteer groups that are helping those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are more than 50 groups providing a range of support to hundreds of residents, from picking up food and prescriptions, to running errands.

The list will also enable those wishing to volunteer,  including anyone who signed up to the national NHS volunteer scheme who may not have been called on to assist so far, to find the groups operating in their local area.

Leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Phil North, said: “These amazing volunteer groups are already supporting hundreds of people across the borough. But I have no doubt that there will still be some of our residents who are unaware of the help available.

“By pulling together the full list of contact details, we hope it is now easier for people to get in touch with their local groups, whether that is to access support or offer their services as a volunteer.

“I know I have said it many times before but I have been truly blown away by the community response to the pandemic. The work of the volunteer groups is helping to ensure that our shielded residents remain safe and well during this time. Their work is truly helping to save lives.”

The council is also working with its community services partner, Unity, to run the Test Valley Community Helpline, which puts people in contact with their local volunteer groups if they aren’t able to contact them direct. Residents can access the helpline on 0330 400 4116

Abbotts Ann Abbotts Ann Community Support Group

Cllr Ian Long / Tessa Hawkings-Byass
07553 045280

01264 748 946

Appleshaw and Reddenham
Justin Crump 07902 989797

Barton Stacey
Jo Gadney 01962 761287/07798 502 905

Julia Jenkins 01794 301873
Jane Tabor 01794 301514/ 0788 9602069

Cllr Clive Ward 07538 596344
Ian Smale 07421 354874

Cllr Fiona Barrie 01264 860264/0778880832

Enham Alamein
Leslie Francis 01264 335678

Cllr Al Brooks 01264 737247

Cllr Beryl Vickers 01264 773335

Goodworth Clatford
01264 356826

Grateley Grateley Parish Community Network
Lorna Ward 07384 359252
Matt Ward 07384 359251

Houghton Houghton and Bossington Support Group.
Dennis Stephens 07817380831

Hurstbourne Tarrant Hurstbourne Tarrant & Surrounding Villages Community Support
Louise Pittuck-Schols 01264 849 283

Cllr Niall MacGinnis 07590 808565

Kings Somborne
Cllr Katie Hughes

Council Cllr Sophie Walters: 07740 443460
Angie Filippa: 07817 576346

Linkenholt Linkenholt Estate
No contact details available but all residents are being looked after by the Linkenholt Estate.

Little Somborne ‘Call a neighbour’ scheme
Cllr Frederick Hervey-Bathurst

Lockerley Thorngate Care Group
Liz Holton 01794 340993
Mary: 01794 340223
Helen: 01794 340627

Longparish Parish Council
Cllr Christian Dryden
01264 720398/07765467006

Cllr Sophie Walters: 07740 443460
Angie Filippa: 07817 576346

Hilary Corroon 01264 711087/ 07796 996011

Nether Wallop
Gail Foster 01264 783593

Over Wallop
Cllr Kate Dixon 01264 781164/ 07745737797

Penton Grafton
Paul Booth, 01264 513080

Penton Mewsey
Paul Booth, 01264 513080

Cllr Joanna Ferguson 01264 889131
The Backstop Contact is Will Marshall 01264 889778

Shipton Bellinger
Cllr Susan Turner 01980 842854
Shipton Bellinger Parish Council

Little London
Paul & Mandy Dunning
01264 749018

0330 4004116

Chantal Halle 07863 206909

Charlton Down/Wildhern
Julia Rennie: 07778 294403

Catherine Morton: 07771 622636

Charlie Haswell 07557 940554

Alex Raworth 07971 802211

Philip Macdonald 07767 657400

Janie Joll

Richard Smart 07786246291

Upper Clatford
Cllr Charles Eyre
07730 304290
Richard Bennett 07775 420771

Upper Somborne
Maura Jeffrey 01794 388872/0786 4138386

Vernham Dean
Linda Butt 01264 737213

Cllr Susanne Hasselmann and Jo Baughen 01264 860060

Coronavirus Funding Paid to Andover & Villages Businesses

Grant Opportunities Available for Rural Communities

More than £20 million of vital funding has now been passed on to businesses all over Test Valley during the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, central government issued billions of pounds to local authorities across the country to help support businesses with grants and reliefs. Since receiving its allocation of the funding on April 1, Test Valley Borough Council has now processed more than £21 million to more than 1,750 businesses. The council is in the top 20 per cent of authorities for issuing payments to businesses.

Before receiving this funding from central government the authority wrote to more than 2,300 businesses in preparation for processing payments for when the finances did arrive.
Despite issuing millions of pounds to date, the council is still appealing to all businesses who think they may be eligible for government funding, to apply if they haven’t already done so.

To be eligible for a grant, a business must have been in occupation of their property on March 11 2020 and either:

·         Be in receipt of (or eligible for) small business rate relief or rural rate relief

·         Be eligible for the expanded retail, hospitality and leisure business rates discount

Businesses who have temporarily closed or those who may not have seen their letter from Test Valley Borough Council can still check to see if they’re eligible, check government guidance notes, and apply, via the council’s website.

Finance portfolio holder, councillor Maureen Flood, said: “As I have said before, I am immensely proud of our revenues and welfare staff for their efforts in processing these incredibly important funds for our businesses. 

“However, I would urge any organisation who believes they are eligible for this funding or relief to please check and apply online via our website.”

How online casinos in Andover and the UK have become a £5billion industry

The popularity of online gambling activities (also known as iGaming) has increased substantially with British residents over the past ten years. Now part of a booming global industry, the UK’s iGaming market is home to leading gaming platforms and operators, with people from different demographics from Andover to Carlisle regularly taking part in real money gaming or betting activities online.

The rise of online gaming in the UK

No longer seen as the poor cousin to live casino games and poker tournaments, iGaming appeals to a wide range of players, and is taking its place beside console gaming and content streaming as a legitimate leisure activity.

According to recent statistics published by the UK Gambling Commision (UKGC), a regulatory body for real money gaming and betting in British territory, the Gross Gambling Yield in the country has grown by approximately £6 billion to £14.4 billion from 2011 to 2018, and is set to increase even more as this new decade continues to unfold.

Out of that figure, the remote gambling market (iGaming), which includes online casinos and poker, online betting and online bingo has the largest overall share of revenue at just over 40%. That’s a total revenue share of £5.3 billion for the year dating April 2018 to March 2019.

So how did what was still a brand new and niche market at the turn of the Millennium grow to be worth billions of pounds?

British players just can’t get enough

As the financial figures above suggest, British iGaming players just can’t get enough of online activities. A 2018 report by the UKGC found that a total of 33.6 million people had active accounts with online platforms that were licensed by the commission that year, a significant portion of which were held by customers in the 45 to 65 age bracket.

Whereas contemporary online gaming activities such as RPG games and multiplayer battle royales like Fortnite typically appeal to players in younger age brackets, iGaming activities are popular with adults of all ages and genders. The anonymity that comes from playing a slots game in an online room means that players who wouldn’t ordinarily feel comfortable walking into a brick and mortar casino are able to engage with and spend longer playing the game.

The same can be said for the other top lucrative verticals of online poker and online betting. In the online arena, anyone old enough to register for an account with an iGaming platform has the opportunity to develop the skill set needed to play a game like poker at their own pace. And instead of having to walk into a high street betting shop, punters can place bets on all sorts of sporting and current events from the comfort of their own home.

One of the key factors to the popularity of online casinos across the UK is the sheer variety of money saving promotional offers available. Operators including 32 Redwork with gambling directory sites like Oddschecker to run exclusive promotions that are targeted towards new players. No deposit bonuses, free spins promotions, and cashback on wagers placed are attractive enough for even the casual player to want to take advantage of.

And with local casinos and gaming halls closing down all over the country, online platforms have become more than an adequate replacement for those more traditional real money gaming activities.

Tightly regulated industry

Perhaps the most powerful contributor to the growth of online casinos and remote gambling in the UK is the fact that the industry itself is so tightly regulated. The UKGC has the power to only assign licenses to online platforms that meet its stringent regulations and strict policies for responsible gaming, financial protection and data protection.

Customers can play in a UKGC approved online casino, safe in the knowledge that the operator has implemented substantial cyber security methods, and offers player protection that covers both their personal data and the funds they deposit into their gaming accounts.

While it may have its detractors, like all gaming and entertainment industries do, there’s no denying that the UK gambling industry has the highest industry standards across the world, which is why UKGC-licensed platforms make up 65% of the global market.

Recreating the Fun of Andover’s Top Sights & Attractions With Your Smartphone

With the summer ahead of us, thoughts will be turning to those long, sunny days when we can leave the winter coats at home and enjoy the great outdoors.

With the North Wessex Downs a stone’s throw away and Rooksbury Mill, Finkley Down Farm and the picturesque River Anton on our doorstep, there’ll be plenty to excite the senses when the temperatures rise.

But we’re not quite there yet. So why not recreate the enjoyment found at some of Andover’s top sights and attractions at home via your smartphone?

Bring the nature reserve home

If you’re in the mood for the satisfying countryside serenity of the Anton Lakes Nature Reserve try the Giving Nature a Home app for iOS and Android. It encourages you to get out into your own garden with advice about building your own natural wildlife havens. It also has a bird-specifier to help you identify those visiting your garden.

Swap Finkley Down Farm Park for Farmville

Give the budding farmer in you the chance to tend to livestock and grow crops in Zynga’s addictive Farmville online game. Playable via Facebook, this series boasts lots of different inner games with Country Escape being our tip for a few hours of fun.

Here you have to grow crops to build your farm’s stature, even developing the ability to bake your own pies from apples you’ve cultivated. More fun can be had from in-game trading which lets you show off your farm’s prowess to fellow players.

Exciting leisure for free

“The Inheritance” escape room on Church Street may have closed a couple of years ago but you can recreate the compelling excitement thanks to an assortment of free mobile games like Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story, which recalls the former Andover escape room’s story of familial mystery.

You could go for a swim with Swimming Pool Race, swap Riverside Bowl for iOS and Android app Strike!, and get your fix of Coombs Clay Shooting with the free-to-play online slots Dead or Alive, NetEnt’s 5-reel, 3-row “wild west” themed slot taking its cues from the classic TV show of the same name starring Steve McQueen.

“Walk” the North Wessex Downs

Experience the North Wessex Downs thanks to its official YouTube channel. The specially curated channel devoted to a region officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty includes a fascinating introduction to its distinctive landscape.

The channel also features an intriguing birds-eye journey from Avebury to Basildon Park along The Icknield Way. The 2-minute film boasts stunning photography in its celebration of this beautiful part of southern England.

Fly a plane instead of going to the Museum of Army Flying

The cold weather might have put you off wandering around one of the UK’s best museums devoted to British military aviation but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the buzz of being a pilot from your smartphone.

There are a surprising number of great flying simulators available for iOS and Android devices including Flight Pilot Simulator 3D. Featuring immersive graphics, the game lets you pilot a huge variety of aircraft.

If you’re looking for fun in Andover without leaving home, we hope our assortment of ideas will help keep you entertained at least until the warm summer’s days arrive.

Police appeal for witnesses following man threatened with knife in Andover

Cricketers way Andover

After a man was threatened with a knife outside an Andover store, police are calling for any witnesses. Officers were dispatched to the Tesco shop on Cricketers Way, at 2.15 pm on Saturday (April 25) following two men reportedly threatening another man with a large knife.

The man finished shopping and when he came out, he was again faced with the pair and one had a large knife.

He also mentioned seeing four other guys, two with their caps up on their motorcycles and two more walkings from the skate park towards him.

The man that was threatened was able to get into his friend’s car. They drove off when the man saw the knife chasing and threw the knife into the vehicle, which hadn’t made any contact with them. The guy with the knife is known to be black, about 20 years old, about 6 ft tall, and has a slim body.

He wore a black t-shirt and shorts coloured with white. Inquiries into the incident, including additional patrols in the area and CCTV inquiries, are ongoing over the weekend.

Officers talked to several witnesses, but want to speak to everybody else who may have seen the incident, particularly those in the queuing shop when this incident took place.

If you think you can help us, please call 101, quoting 44200145982, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Speeding Car Crashes on Augusta Park in Andover

Car Crash on Augusta Park

A driver crashed his car on Augusta Park last night (24th April 2020).

The car had been seen driving up and down the quiet road on Augusta Park several times, witnesses report that the driver was driving the car ‘at speed’.

Onlookers report that after the car came to a stop, the driver got out, walked around the car a little, then locked the door and ‘sauntered’ off. Members of the public asked the driver if he was okay, but he did not speak at all.

The UK is currently in lockdown because of COVID-19 with movement restricted to necessary journeys only.

The car remains of the side of the road and awaits recovery.

Hampshire Police attended the scene.