Local news | Police Warn Teenagers Over Sharing Inappropriate Images | Andover & VillagesPeople of all ages are potentially using an app called ‘CALCULATOR VAULT’ (there are also other similar Apps) this one hides photos, videos and other files that users do not want other people to see. The apps takes the images off the device and stores them in the app.

It has come to an officer’s attention that school pupils are using this app to hide inappropriate images, some of which are of other school pupils.

The app has a logo which looks very similar to the normal calculator app on the iPhone with the exception that it has a lock symbol in the bottom right of the logo instead of the equals sign, but then even some apps look the same as the calculator.

When you go into the app it still works as a calculator until you put in the correct sequence of numbers to get into the files.

Police ask parents and teachers to be aware of any device that has 2 calculator apps as this could be used to hide images used in any number of criminal offences.

It is a criminal offence to download, store, or share inappropriate images of young people.

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