Local News | Police Warn Parents of Stranger ReportsSalisbury Police are reminding parents and children of stranger danger following a number of reports of children being approached by strangers in cars.

So far, no offences have been disclosed and police enquiries continue. Officers have been told of seven incidents in the local area where either children or parents have been concerned.

Local PCSO’s have been attending pick up time at local schools in the Salisbury area, to reassure the local community and provide crime prevention advice.

Inspector Dave Minty, said, “We want to ask children and parents to be sensible and take the proper precautions to ensure they are safe. All of the reports have involved children of secondary school age and these have been only verbal approaches. No one has been injured and there has been no attempt to get the young people in the car. None the less, we want to remind children to stay safe and report anything suspicious to the police.”

Incidents reported to police are as follows, if anyone has information in relation to these incidents please call Salisbury CID via 101 or alternatively, if you wish to remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 11:

1. Bishops Mead, Laverstock (3 June) – report of two men in blue Citroen approaching children

2.Footpath between Laverstock & London Road (3 June) – report of blue Citroen driving slowly past children

3. Southampton Road, Alderbury (5 June) – report of grey car, male offered lift to child at bus stop

4. Skate park, Southampton Road, Alderbury (8 June) – report of child approached by male

5.St Edmunds School, Laverstock (9 June) – report of a transit van, male spoke to child offering sweets

6.St Edmunds School, Laverstock (10 June) – report of black motorbike going up and down Church Road between 3-4pm

7.Oakwood Grove, Alderbury (10 June) – report of black Mercedes parked with men inside

Local enquiries are still on-going in relation to the above incidents.

In addition to the above incidents, A 10-year-old girl was approached by an unknown man in a white van who tried to persuade her to get in the vehicle in Shipton Bellinger on the 29th May.

The man is described as a slightly tanned, aged in his 30s or 40s and had short brown hair. He was wearing a dark green coat.

The girl did not get in the vehicle and there was no physical contact. PC Tapper from Andover police said: “We don’t want to panic anyone and would like to offer reassurance to the local community.

Here is some advice for parents and children:

1. Discuss the issues of strangers and their associated danger with your children. Parents must monitor their own fear and be careful not to alarm their children.

2. Be aware of specific ploys used by strangers. Teach children not to help strangers look for lost puppies, accept gifts or sweets, or get in a car with someone they do not know …. or even someone they do know, if the journey is not planned.

3.After talking to children, it is important to ask them what they heard. This allows parents to correct misinformation and determine what needs to be reviewed or discussed differently.

4.Make sure children know who, when, where and how to get help. For example, they should know their name, address, and phone number; how to phone the police and who will pick them up from school each day and what after school activities are planned.

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