News | Police Warn of Motorway Slip Road Scam | Andover & VillagesWiltshire Police have seen an increase in the number of potential jewellery scams reported over the last few weeks to our control room.

Reports tend to suggest that a car is normally parked on a slip road to a major road such as the M4 or A303. The occupants are usually well dressed males in suits, shirt and ties. They will attempt to flag down passing motorists, putting themselves at risk by jumping into the road in attempts to stop passing vehicles.

When stopping a vehicle one of the males will climb into the passenger’s seat of the car and ask the motorist for money for fuel, they will offer an exchange which will be a worthless piece of jewellery. Normally they tell the motorist that it is of great value and a fair exchange. The suspects have even been willing to be taken to a nearby cash point for an exchange to take place.

PC Carl Jones said: “When joining a motorway, even on a slip road, it is an offence to stop unless it is an emergency; people risk putting their own lives in danger if they chose to do so.

“Wiltshire Police would like to warn all motorists of this type of incident; if you do stop to help, do not hand over any cash and do not accept any kind of jewellery or any exchange for cash. Do not take them anywhere, instead call 999 and ask for the police to assist in their emergency.

“We believe that these individuals are operating all over the south of the country and it is not specific to Wiltshire.

“We would like to put a stop to these types of scams and to protect people from being ripped off. Any information, that may help police to identify these males, can be passed to me on 101 or via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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