Please Help Xanthi Find Her Way Home – Lost Eurasier Dog in Andover

Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

It is a week since Xanthi the Eurasier dog went missing from her family’s home on Augusta Park.

Andover & Villages have spoken to distraught owner Clare Spencer who is pleased to report that a sighting of Xanthi last night indicated that she is well and was surprisingly dry after a heavy day of rain, which Clare hopes will mean that she has found some kind of shelter.

The Eurasier breed were first bred to be a perfect family companion and have fulfilled their brief in bucket loads, loyal and cuddly they make a great family pet, interestingly to this case the Eurasier breed society state on their breed guide that Eurasiers are well known for being a little reserved, especially around strangers, which is true of Xanthi who is very wary of people she does not know.

The story started some weeks ago when Clare’s resident Eurasier dog, Yogi had developed some issues that resulted in a fear of other dogs, Yogi’s breeder, Stacey who is always on hand for help and advice, suggested she take him back for a week into her home to build his trust in other dogs in a pack setting. When he was returned, Stacey suggested that Yogi would be happier with a companion and offered Clare a 7 year old female to keep him company. Xanthi arrived on Thursday 5th September and was slowly settling in with Clare, her husband and young son who is 4.

On Tuesday 10th September, Clare returned home from grocery shopping and whilst struggling through the door laden with bags, Xanthi shot out of the front door and was gone in a flash, a chase ensued which regrettably Clare thinks may have made matters worse and Xanthi ran further away.

Clare immediately starting looking for her and began reporting Xanthi as missing to appropriate agencies and posted her pictures on Facebook selling sites asking for help. Many sightings continue to roll in and all confirmed sightings appear to be around the Apsley Estate, at one time seeing Xanthi heading out towards St Mary Bourne on the Wyke Down road.

Xanthi’s breeder Stacey was on holiday in Malta when she disappeared and was unable to get an early flight home, however on her arrival at Stanstead Airport on Monday evening, her Dad was in the car with her ‘pack’ of Eurasier dogs waiting for her and they drove straight to Clare’s house where she is staying until Xanthi is found. Having spent today tramping around Apsley Estate with the dogs in the desperate hope of attracting Xanthi to them, Stacey has returned to Clare’s soaking wet and muddy for a bath only to return to spend the night out tonight searching with her dogs to try and tempt Xanthi home.

Clare told us that the staff at Apsley Estate have been wonderful and have been bringing warm drinks out to those searching as well as allowing them to walk over the land, the estate’s Gamekeeper has also been extra helpful in the search, luckily there are no shoots or heavy machinery working on the estate currently which Clare hopes gives even more chance of getting Xanthi home safely.

Xanthi is cream in colour and is still reported to be wearing her black harness. It is so important to point out that if you see Xanthi, phone Clare on 07714 638008 and do not approach the dog as she is wary and nervous of strangers and it may just send her further away.

Thanks people of Andover – lets try and help get Xanthi home to her family where it is warm, dry and safe, keep sharing to your Facebook and Twitter accounts and keep your eyes peeled!


Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

Xanthi the Eurasier Dog Lost in Andover

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