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A fresh scheme is being organised to form the future of how we offer accessible homes in Test Valley–and the government asks citizens to participate.

A paper is being developed to renew the earlier edition from 2008 that helps determine the attitude to affordable housing in the borough.

The Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) offers guidance on how to implement the affordable housing policy of the council to farmers, promoters and affordable housing suppliers and scheduling officers.

Now, as the agency intends to assist the government evaluate and deal with builders in delivering affordable housing, a study is being initiated to obtain the opinions of those who already call house Test Valley.

Residents will have the opportunity to comment on a SPD draft version for six weeks from Friday, August 30.

Residents can present their opinions on the draft version by emailing or by referring by October 11 to Planning Policy, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover.

Holder of budget planning, councilor Nick Adams-King, said: “We think it is an significant move in assisting us put the greatest strategy to going forward with affordable housing distribution. We need to ensure that we provide the clearest feasible advice to designers and farmers at an premature point. “Housing and environmental health fund owner, councilor Phil Bundy, stated:” To meet local needs in the affordable housing industry is essential for our societies and we aim to be effective in doing so by offering individuals the opportunity to have a choice.

“We are highly worthy of our history of offering affordable housing, delivering 733 in the last three financial years, and we want to continue to beat our goals. Our commercial strategy focuses on assisting individuals to reside well and achieve their capacity, which is why ensuring that our residential service remains to be a concern, including affordable homes.

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