Pickpocket Increase in Andover

Recent purse thefts in Andover Town Centre, Opportunists – Pickpockets operating in shops and department stores where people are more likely to be, standing still, then possible distractions take place and so paying less attention to your belongings which makes you an easy target.

Please be more aware of your belongings when in busy shops as it is easy for people to brush past you, take items then move off into the crowd.

Keep bags and purses closed at all times Carry you bag diagonally across your chest Wallets concealed into an inside jacket pocket Don’t hang bags over pushchairs/mobility scooters/walkers NEVER keep your cashpoint pin number in your purse/wallet ATM/cashpoints be mindful who is behind you as thieves will watch and try to obtain your PIN, if someone tries to distract you ignore them.

We don’t want you to be paranoid but be aware of your surroundings and that you are not being distracted. Stay safe

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