Peter symonds coronavirus

Peter Symonds College in Winchester has confirmed today that one of its students has been diagnosed with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The college has written to all parents informing them that the student is self-isolating at home, it is not clear how long the student had been mixing with other students prior to diagnosis.

The college says that it is in discussion with, and taking advice from, Public Health England who are contacting and giving guidance to those who have had close interaction with the student regarding self-isolation and what to do if symptoms develop.

The college says that it does not feel it needs to close.

Pete Symonds is a popular college with Andover students, with many local teenagers are enrolled to study there.

Andover Lesure Centre announced today (8th March 2020) that it has closed down for the minimum of 24 hours due to a visitor having been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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