Penton Grafton Parish Council Announces New WebsitePenton Grafton Parish Councillors were pleased to announce this week that the new website for their ‘patch’ – Weyhill, Penton Grafton and Clanville – is now available for all residents –

On the website, residents can access the Parish Council Agenda, Minutes and all associated documents from 2007 to the present day.

Additionally, it holds information about events at the Fairground Village Hall and craft businesses based at the Weyhill Fairground.

Under the History tab, information about the parish is stored, information for example about the Roman villa at Clanville, with the pewter vessels and mosaic floor found there now on display at the British Museum.

The Parish Council’s latest innovation – the provision of allotments – is also featured on the website, whilst more information will be uploaded soon about the church and other aspects of the Parish.

Comments and suggestions for the website are welcome from residents of the parish. Submissions can be sent to

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