Man Filmed Masturbating outside Family Home in Andover

A young Andover woman was stunned, shocked and scared at around 6.00am on Thursday morning (19th September 2019) when she looked out of her window and saw a man out on the verge next to the road, looking directly into her neighbour’s window, allegedly with his penis out of his trousers, masturbating.

Shocked and unsure what to do and how to begin to report the incident, she ran to get her phone, went upstairs and proceeded to video and take pictures of the man in order to hand them over to the police.

The man then stopped, started playing with his bike and then finally moved on.

She exclusively told Andover and Villages, “I wish I got the video when I first noticed, but I was in shock, my phone wasn’t on me and my daughter was asleep in bed. I couldn’t bear to be seen and aggravate him.”

Man masturbates Outside Andover Family HomeThe incident was reported to the police at 7.10am but by the weekend, no action appeared to be being taken. On the morning of Saturday 21st September, she spoke to an officer and was told there would be no investigation into the incident, the young woman told Andover and Villages, “It doesn’t make sense that they are not looking into it any further.

“They said they don’t want me to send the pictures and videoes I took because sending them on would be an offence in itself.”

Andover and Villages spoke to Hampshire Police to query why the incident was not being investigated when there was so much evidence, which the police had not yet seen, but were aware of.

Around ten minutes after the emails exchanged between Andover and Villages and Hampshire Police, the young woman received a phone call from a police officer to ask her to supply the video to Andover Police Station for review, which she immediately agreed to do.

However, at this point, no police officers have approached the young woman to review the video in person, to take a statement or reassure her.

Andover and Villages asked the young woman if she was sure that the man was masturbating, she said, “It’s clear what he was doing, he was literally outside my window.

“I took the videos and pictures far away because I didn’t want him to see me and get aggressive, but it was there in his hand”

A spokesperson from Hampshire Police said, “We have received a report of a male committing a sex act in Walworth Road, Picket Piece.

“This is alleged to have taken place at around 7.10am on Thursday 19 September.
Anyone with information about the incident should contact police on 101, quoting 44190334241.”
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