Pedal Power from Andover PoliceAndover Police and their fleet of mountain bikes are fighting crime in Andover and the surrounding area.

Sergeant Stephen Parker told Andover & Villages, “When officers are in cars they can sometimes miss noises and other sensory stimulus as they drive around the beat.

“Walking a beat is great; it allows the public to talk to the police and also to hear, see and get a feeling for local issues and disturbances, but obviously it takes some time to get from A to B.

“This is why the use of bicycles is fantastic. Officers can experience all of the benefits of walking their beat, but can also move around at a more productive and faster speed.”

Sergeant Glenn Curtis said, “All officers undertake the bike training, and during the recent spate of burglaries, officers on bikes were invaluable to keeping up police presence in the affected areas.”

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