Photo Courtesy of @ Sophie S Reeves

Otters have been spotted in a local lake, Anton Lakes, today, Thursday 4th April.

Test Valley Borough Council believe they have called Anton Lakes their home and plan on staying for a while.

Otters have also been spotted at Lake Avon in Salisbury according to Salisbury and Villages.

One person said: ‘It’s lovely to see such an animal in Andover” and “they are so cute”

The Hampshire Wild Life Trust says: “The elusive otter is one of our top predators, feeding mainly on fish (particularly eels and salmonids), waterbirds, amphibians and crustaceans. Otters have their cubs in underground burrows, known as ‘holts’.

Excellent and lithe swimmers, the young are in the water by 10 weeks of age. Otters are well suited to a life on the water as they have webbed feet, dense fur to keep them warm, and can close their ears and nose when underwater. They require clean rivers, with an abundant source of food and plenty of vegetation to hide their secluded holts.”

Make sure to visit the lake to witness such a beautiful creature.

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