Cup of Tea in Andover, Hampshire

Andover and Villages have been investigating the recent concerns over chalk marks on homes and the potential threat of dog theft or burglaries.

On talking with some of the older residents in the town, Andover & Villages learned that some years ago, chalk marks were left on fence posts outside houses that either were willing to make a cup of tea for a workman or homeless person, or indeed if the residents were not so community driven.

We have managed to track down a story published in 2009 by The Guardian that not only confirms this old practice but gives a chalk key that is somewhat more sophisticated than the odd splashes of white appearing on Andover resident’s houses.

Hampshire Police have confirmed that there have been no confirmed reports of any association to chalk/paint marks and the theft or property of dog and further to this, in the report a ‘known’ burglar dismisses the practice, however I think we should all be observant and if any ‘proper’ mark appears on your property, a report to the police should suffice by calling 101.

If you know of any origins to this rumour, please email


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