Aerial footage of the warehouse by Rich Warman on behalf of andoverandvillages.co.uk

Online superstore Ocado recorded an increase in growth in the fifth half after securing another warehouse after the fire at the Andover location

In the 13 weeks to 1 September, retail revenue increased 11.4 percent to £ 386.3 million, the firm revealed this afternoon in a trading document.

Average weekly purchases increased to 314,000 by 12.1 percent as more slots became accessible.

The average order size dropped to £ 105.42, a reduction of 0.8 percent, reflecting more frequent acquisitions the firm said.

Ocado, who lately signed a joint venture agreement with Marks & Spencer, launched a fourth store in Erith to enable additional ability after being harmed in a flames by its Customer Fullfillment Center in Andover. The fire’s effect was anticipated to cut off revenues by two percent and to wash out collective ability by 10 percent.

In its latest half-year results in July, the delivery giant reported a pre-tax loss of £ 142.8 m following the fire resulting in a £ 98.5 m knock to the balance sheet.

“This first series of joint venture outcomes between Ocado Group and M&S shows Ocado’s resilience after the Andover fire and the impetus it now has,” said Melanie Smith, Chief Executive Ocado Retail.

“As we continue to enhance our offering and add more capacity in the UK, our leading partnership will deliver the very best experience to an ever-growing number of customers”.

The joint venture between Ocado Retail and M&S will provide an internet shipping system by September next year.

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