North West Hampshire to Benefit from Government’s £250 Million Pothole Action FundDrivers are set to benefit from improved roads and safer, quicker journeys after the Government today announced how £50 million of funding will be made available to councils over the next 12 months. Of that Hampshire alone is getting £1,488,000 within the next year to fix 28,075 potholes.

Nationally, this funding will see nearly one million potholes filled in the next year alone, showing that the Government is delivering on its commitment to invest in infrastructure and secure a better economy.

Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire said “Potholes are a cause of serious frustration and consternation in the constituency and the issue is raised by local people consistently.”

“You can’t have a first rate economy without first rate infrastructure and people have every right to expect well-maintained roads. I’m pleased that the Government is answering our calls.”

“This is one of the basic things that government has to get right. Now it’s up to the County Council to make full use of the allocation I and my Hampshire colleagues lobbied for.”

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