News from Testbourne - February 2016

The start of term was very exciting as a large crane appeared to swing in place, the modular building that has become our new fitness gym. It was an impressive sight as the building was swung in, in 3 pieces. Even more impressive was the speed in which the building was made fully functional. It is an excellent new facility with a growing membership of Whitchurch users. If you haven’t already,take a look, please-do.

We have welcomed two new members of staff to the team this term, Mrs Knab, Head of Geography and Mrs Vowles as teacher of Drama.

Testbourne students have been out and about with a Year 8 visit to the Southampton Mosque and a Year 10 visit to Ashmolean in Oxford and a Year 11 Geography field trip to Basingstoke. We are also looking forward to the safe return of our Team Uganda next week and hearing about their experiences in Mityana and surrounding villages.

On Wednesday 10th February we were fortunate to host a visitor from the Holocaust Memorial Trust, Henry Schachter, a holocaust survivor, who came and shared his story with Year 9. It was a memorable occasion for everyone involved. He reminded our students of the importance of family history and encouraged them all to talk to grandparents and great grand parents to lean about their families.

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