New Technology at the Multiservice CentreTrading for over 20 years, the Multiservice Centre on the Ludgershall Road in Faberstown, is always trying to improve their already fantastic service.

Director Rob, told Andover and Villages, “Things are moving so fast in the industry, and we feel that the company needs to stay ahead of the times.”

The newest edition to the service centre is a John Bean alignment tracking system. This new, state of the art system is very rare in the local area. It offers 4 wheel 3d wheel alignment system and actually ensures that all 4 wheels are aligned on the car at the same time.

The majority of new cars have adjustable rear wheel alignment as well as front wheel alignment. The cableless system works by ensuring all 4 wheels are checked by the use 3d cameras for perfect precision. This provides customers with an improvement with tyre wear on rear and front Multiservice Centre felt that the tracking device was the next step to compliment their existing tracking system.

The garages portfolio also includes servicing, tyres and exhausts. They were also the first garage locally to offer the ‘Pass you pay, you fail its free’ For MOT’s As well as customer service, understanding customer’s needs is equally important. The team try to work with each individual customer to keep their fees as low as possible. Should you wish to find our more information or book with the friendly team.

Visit the web site on or call today 01264 791855

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