Romsey Lifestyle News | New research reveals hosting a dinner party now costs more than going out | Romsey & VillagesBRITISH hosts are biting off more than they can chew when it comes to home entertaining, as new research reveals hosting a dinner party now costs more than going out.

A study of 1,002 UK adults carried out by interiors etailer found that the average dinner party costs its hosts £75, compared to a night out which typically costs just £60.

Based on four dinner guests, Brits spend £28 on drinks and £42 on food, on average.

Despite this, 62% said they would prefer to go to a dinner party than on a night out and 85% would be happy to contribute to the dinner party by bringing a dish or a bottle of wine.

A dinner party including multiple bottles of wine, a three-course meal, canapes and nibbles can take up to 6 hours of preparation, the survey found. Tasks hosts carry out in preparation include food shopping, cleaning the house, setting the table, preparing food and cleaning up after guests.

The survey found that 15% of Brits host a dinner party at least once a month, which equates to an annual spend of £900. However, this could be halved if guests brought a contribution.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said: “Entertaining at home can be a really cost effective way of socialising, but evidently these costs can mount up if you’re not careful. Come Dine With Me dinner party circles are an excellent compromise, providing a chance for friends to get to together and cook with the expectation that you will be invited for dinner in return. Above all, it’s important to remember that the best dinner parties are those spent with good friends, who above all want to enjoy your company and engage in good conversation.”

Reading is the capital of home entertaining, with 1 in 3 hosting a dinner party once a month.

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