Lifestyle News | New Paper Cup Recycling Scheme Launched | Andover & VillagesTest Valley Borough Council, in partnership with the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK), is launching a new recycling service for plastic-lined paper cups. Local residents are now able to recycle their used cups alongside food and drink cartons at specialist banks located at five of the borough’s Local Recycling Centres including Tesco Extra in Andover and Romsey Bus Station.

The banks will accept paper cups which are used for hot drinks such as tea and coffee in high street coffee shops, fast food outlets and supermarkets.

The new service is the result of an agreement between ACE UK, which operates the dedicated food and drink carton recycling service available in the borough, and high street retailers and cup manufacturers. The agreement was set up to give many more people access to recycling for paper cups through the carton bank service. Cups are made from similar materials to food and drink cartons and will be recycled using the same process, at ACE UK’s recycling facility in Halifax.

Environmental Portfolio Holder, Councillor Graham Stallard, said: “With the growing use of paper cups we were keen to find a way to capture them for recycling. The residents of Test Valley have always responded well to the different recycling schemes we’ve implemented, and we hope that they will take full advantage of this new service.”

For more information on recycling in Test Valley, including a list of all the specialist carton and cup recycling banks visit or phone 01264 368000.

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