Local News | New Online Home Safety Check | Andover & VillagesA new home safety check has been launched by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to keep the county’s residents Safe and Sound in their homes.

The online questionnaire generates personalised home safety advice based on a resident’s property and lifestyle.

The advice can be printed off or emailed to the resident for reference. Paul Channing, Station Manager for Community Safety said: “Safe and Sound is quick and simple to use and gives residents the opportunity to protect their home and family from fire.

“We know the four main causes of house fires are electrical, cooking, candle and smoking related, so Safe and Sound gets the user to look at those four causes in relation to themselves.

“In reality we can’t visit every household to fit and check smoke alarms, so while we focus our resources on protecting the most vulnerable in our county, Safe and Sound is there to help and empower residents who can take the actions they need to remain safe from fire.”

Safe and Sound aims to deliver fire safety advice in a personalised and accessible way and reduce accidental house fires.

Asda are supporting the new initiative by allowing Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to promote Safe and Sound in store.

The community safety team will be in an Asda store every afternoon this week which started with Southampton’s central store yesterday (April 24).

The team were at the Chandler’s Ford store today, and will be at Gosport on Wednesday, Waterlooville on Thursday and Portsmouth on Friday.

Crews, volunteers and the community safety team will join forces to share the Safe and Sound link, offer advice, answer any fire safety queries and give people the chance to complete the online questionnaire in store.

Whilst Safe & Well home fire safety visits will continue to cater for those aged 65+ and those most vulnerable in our county, all ages will be able to benefit from Safe and Sound’s immediate advice.

If appropriate, the user will have the option to fill out a Safe & Well referral form to receive a visit.

Try Safe and Sound for yourself now visit: www.hantsfire.gov.uk/safeandsound

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